Saturday April 24, 2021
Join us for our second Virtual Donate Life Run/Walk this April! More details to follow.
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Build a team for the 2021 Donate Life Run/Walk!

Teams play a very important role in the Donate Life Run/Walk. So round up everyone you know, think of a catchy team name and get ready to join in the fun on Saturday April 24, 2021!

Tips on Forming a Team

1. Choose a Team Captain
The Team Captain is the motivator and organizer of the team and serves as the contact person with Donate Life Run/Walk Team Leaders. The Team Captain is responsible for relaying information to the team and motivating them to do their best.

2. Starting a Team
Register today as a Team Captain and name your team. By registering your team on-line, all donations and individual team member registrations are collected and updated through the website. It will take 90% of the work out of your hands! If you prefer not to register on-line, please refer to the FAQ page.

3. Customizing Your Page
Once you have registered, be sure to customize your page and import your contacts to start emailing your friends, family and co-workers to join your team. Set a goal to recruit at least 10 members for your team. Email your link to co-workers and ask them to join your team.

4. Promote
If your family, friends and co-workers are unable to join the team, ask them to make an on-line contribution.

5. Have FUN!
Support your team with an enthusiastic attitude….it’s contagious. Cheer your team to meet or exceed their goal.